The Evolution of Porn and Addiction

Sex addiction is the fastest growing compulsive behavior in our nation. There are some studies that say that it is the #1 addiction.

For straight men it normally begins with an innocent discovery of porn as a pre-teen or teenager. For some this is as far as it goes, with maybe occasional use as an adult. For others it becomes an daily expression of sexuality that may eat up hours a day. Before the internet, teens had to steal porn from stores; adults had to visit an adult bookstore. Then the internet arrived, and people needed to go no further than their personal computer to find access to millions of websites that would satisfy any taste, or pleasure. Many straight men go on to visit strip clubs, massage parlors and prostitutes. Some become voyeurs, exhibitionists or predators. These people cannot be stopped and the behavior needs to be treated like any other addiction.

Gay men have it easier in many ways. Sex is available 24/7 at many locations, mostly for free. It may also start with porn, and move on to phone sex, cyber-sex and then real people. It takes place in bathrooms, bookstores, parks, and rest areas. Most gay men can have occasional connections, but there are many whose lives center around the next sexual hit.

Though the behaviors are different, the consequences are the same: a lifestyle that reduces the functionality in all areas of life. Relationships, jobs, education, and all areas of a person’s life can be affected.

This is not a moral issue. This is a disease that is becoming more pervasive. With the access of these websites to our children, we run the risk of a tidal wave of deeply damaged individuals.

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